Around 2073 the began an unexpected decline. Major multinational corporations lost trillions of net worth over a period of the days. This time frame became known as the Reaping, and within several weeks the stock market crashed and the world swiftly fell into economic turmoil.
By 2074 most currencies were practically worthless. Poverty swept over nations and Governments instated martial law to maintain order. Several paramilitary groups sprung up rapidly and began a struggle for control of towns, cities and entire regions and counties. Nations eventually began hostile invasions of the countries who were the most affected by paramilitary take over and civil uprising, with the hopes of steadying the plummeting economy. This resulted in full scale war and the start of World War III. Between military conflict and the ever expanding mercenary organizations, fighting reached every part of the globe. The conflict lasted 2 years leaving once glorious nations and sprawling utopias in shambles. The world had been reduced to a monumental pile of rubble and smoldering fire.
A DarkAge began and survival became priority for those that survived the Collapse, as it became known. Over the years small settlements rose from the ash and decay and, surprisingly, became self-dependent. Hunting and fishing were almost impossible so these settlements learned to sow the land and raise livestock for milk and eggs. Settlements came together to forge larger, safer and more sustainable communities. These communities survived through bandit raids, natural disaster and internal conflicts to establish small pockets of civilization throughout the world.
50 years after the Collapse, people forgot most of what they knew or those with knowledge of the previous world began to perish. It was ancient, almost forgotten history. Much was forgotten about the rest of history as paper texts and hard copies of media had vanished long before social order had. The world only knew digital so when hard bound books, compact disks and other forms of media and information found there way into community leaders’ hands, they became coveted artifacts. People began learning to rebuild antiquated technologies and began to document current events. a new world order began and out of it rose an order of Relic Hunters.
They began scouring ruins with the hopes of finding anthologies of past history, technical manuals to rebuild the world, and any form of entertainment from movies to board games. The Order became the most booming industry that all other industry was born from. Relic Hunters were well respected members of communities and the position was coveted by all.


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